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  • + Design to Cost
  • + Quick Time to Market
  • + MVP development
  • + Unit-dependent manufact. strategy
  • + supplier research
  • + Payback analysis
  • + Production-ready data
  • + Sound handover to series suppliers
  • + Supplier comparison


Particularly in the case of new developments, the challenge arises of finding the right manufacturing process and the quantities that can be realized on the market.
We support our customers in realizing a design that meets not only the aesthetic and functional requirements but also the economic production. Based on our cross-industry activities and our in-house design and construction department, we have a large know-how and supplier network across materials and processes.


This means that a wide range of manufacturing options and the resulting costs can already be determined during the design process and their influences on the design options can be taken into account. In order not to lose the essential subtleties of the design and thus the value of the product during the later handover to series production and the (cost) technical optimizations necessary there, these aspects must already be taken into account in the design process. We use our many years of experience and interdisciplinary expertise to find the best solution at a reasonable cost.



Based on the requirements and goals defined in the briefing, we start by identifying possible approaches to implementing the concept, but also potential discrepancies between design, costs and quantities at an early stage. At BUSSE, we are characterized above all by the immense variety of projects across a wide range of industries, which means that we are familiar with a wide range of processes and options. We can thus show our customers suitable strategies for every component size, materiality and number of pieces. Thanks to our broad network of suppliers and service providers, we can then determine the rough investment and unit costs as well as technical and aesthetic advantages and disadvantages of various manufacturing strategies based on simple preliminary data.

We prepare these clearly as a basis for further decision-making. We attach great importance to transparent communication between the customer, the potential suppliers and us. In close coordination, we then prepare the data in accordance with the selected process for production with attention to detail. In addition to the classic manufacturing processes, we also always have our finger on the pulse of the times and can thus incorporate the advantages of a wide range of innovative processes, e.g. additive manufacturing, thermoplastic foam casting, rapid tooling, ceramic injection molding, laser texturing, and many more, as required.

Speed gain through simultaneous development from a single source

In the course of agile product development, it is particularly important to proactively readjust the design and, if necessary, adapt the production strategies in order to be able to act in a target- and customer-oriented manner until the tool is released. Our goal is to keep an eye on all aspects. Within our broad portfolio we offer many services from a single source, which is why

services from a single source, which is why we are also able to meet ambitious schedules, as we reduce the communication and administrative effort to a minimum. In addition, our customers benefit from the synergy effects of an interdisciplinary and holistic approach right through to implementation by suppliers.

Calistair C-300

Calistair C-300

With a focus on speed, the C-300 air purifier was developed for Calistair in just a few weeks. To shorten the time to market, the design for manufacturing approach is very helpful from the beginning.



Extensive support in supplier research, cost analysis as well as use of various procedures for series transfer.

Dilo L-Series

DILO L-series

Assistance with supplier research as well as mold production. Molded parts in TSG with subsequent painting.

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