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The current face of BUSSE: team work at all levels

From the management to the individual departments, BUSSE relies on team work as the secret of success.
The BUSSE team has also grown recently in line with the tasks and orders: 18 women and 40 men are currently working for our customers.

Our employees are on average 37 years old, some of whom come from different corners of Germany. We are happy to have seven employees who can already look back on over 20 or 30 years of service.

The good reputation of our company, the collegial atmosphere and modern workplaces attract employees, interns and trainees from all over the world. The way to Elchingen is worthwhile for creative, innovative minds and customers

from all over the world. BUSSE offers valuable, practical insights into the world of design, construction and production.


The BUSSE team in facts and figures:
60 employees - 30 per cent female quota - 37 years young on average - locals and reing'tasted good - interns from all over the world.

BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH
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89275 Elchingen

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