Development of the CO2 emissions between 2018 and 2019

Successful reduction of emissions

We are deeply aware of our responsibility as part of the global society for a planet worth living on, which is why we decided to become a climate neutral company in 2019. Since then, we have been constantly looking for new ways to reduce the emission of climate-damaging pollutants as well as compensating greenhouse gases that still unfortunately occur by supporting climate-friendly projects.

In 2019, we have already been able to reduce our annual CO2 emissions from 299 tons to 153 tons. This is a reduction of 49%, which means, we reduced our emissions by half in one year. This was made possible by numerous adjustments within the company, such as the use of climate-neutral fuel, reduced electricity consumption and fewer commuting distances. In 2020, we were able to reduce emissions even further from 153 t to just 113 t - a reduction of over 25%. In 2021, we were able to reduce emissions further - to just 70 tonnes.

This proves, that if we all work together, we can make big changes. This strenghtens our belief that we chose the right path. So this year we will continue to implement further improvements that will help protect and preserve our planet for everybody.

Certificate for carbon neutral companies


As a future-oriented company, we want to take responsibility for creating products, product development as well as our own company 'sustainably'. We define 'sustainable' in the aspect of resource use, material selection, service and recycling, while complying with the ecological definition sustainability as well. This is an process that is sure to become more important over the next few years and must be balanced with current and future market conditions and has to be considered from a global perspective.


Ecological Footprint

Climate Neutrality

In addition to the annual auditing of our work processes, quality requirements and the continuous improvement in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, we have now externally checked and certified with regard to our corporate carbon footprint and are proud to be able to act as a "climate-neutral" company from 2019 onwards thus also contributing to the reduction of global CO2 emissions!

The Corporate Carbon Footprint accounts for the carbon dioxide emitted and other greenhouse gases generated as part of business operations. These are recorded, the sources and reduction options identified and, in a first step, compensated for by conceptual projects and ideally directly reduced by appropriate investments and measures for future operation.
We are also pleased that topics such as alternative and regenerative materials as well as the reduction of plastics are increasingly being reflected and implemented by some of our customers during the product development process.

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