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We consider development of a user interface design as one to be defined in close contact with future users. This way we are able to test and define requirements to come up with a solution that embraces its user`s needs and is a symbiosis of good looks and feel. In close collaboration with you we create human machine interfaces that guide your user and have a high level of usability.

Menu structures + Information Architecture
Human - machine - interface
Icons & Pictographs

Due to more than 50 years of experience in product development, our internal interdisciplinary team of experts in industrial design, interface design, engineering and prototyping, has the strength to consideration the entire scope of product development, including usability and human factors. We develop user interface designs, menu structures and their graphical contents in parallel. We coordinate hardware and software related topics to generate a tangible interface of the actual product. For user testing and showcase models we prototype real-size models with functional keys, buttons, switches, or manual grip areas.

Our interface designers develop thought-through user interfaces in close dialogue with your software experts or suppliers. We combine creative design with technological feasibility. We focus on intuitive user guidance (usability) and pioneering products to exceed customer`s expectation.


We adjust our resources based on your specific requirements: Do you want to take a technically sophisticated system to the latest state of the art or expand it? Do you want to develop an unprecedented product? Our team will support you systematically and be your creative partner. Open communication between industrial designers, user interface designers and design engineers supports a thriving project. We are able to develop your interface design through all phases of the process, from selection of hardware to graphical user interface. 


Starting with a detailed analysis of the status quo, we develop well-founded user interface designs (UI) for the best usability and user experience (UX).

We start with test screens and use case scenarios, ranging from "typical" to "extreme". We test those together with your experts and a group of selected users. Later, we transfer the interface design concepts to more mature prototypes with more detailed screens and a wider variety of features.

This procedure ensures high quality, minimal time effort and low budget requirements. This way, we achieve a highly feasible concept; robust visualisations and intuitive user navigation as well as a highly attractive interface designs.

Our way of thinking:

"Products are becoming more and more interactive and collaborative - this requires corresponding adjustment and design of operating interfaces. An intuitive interaction between man and machine is growing more and more important. We design intuitive and contemporary interfaces for your machines and devices. By self-explanatory and aesthetically pleasing designed interfaces, true product quality is created. We believe that far more than the pure graphical user interface design and design of icons and symbols has to be taken into account toi produce something extraordinary. A valuable interface design concept comprises the entire interaction scenario, the informational logical structuring and optimisation of navigation and interaction possibilities to ensure a high level of usability. To us, valuable product design and the product's success on the market are inseparably connected with intuitive user guidance and a convincing interface design."


+ Analysis
+ Concept
+ Flow charts
+ Wireframes
+ Screendesign
+ Icons & Symbols
+ Animation concept
+ Styleguide
+ Implementation

We are members of the German
UPA (Professional Association of German Usability and User Experience Professionals). More Information >>

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