• Proof of concept
    • Design models
    • Prototypes
    • Small series


Our production possibilities in prototyping range from hand crafted functional models to complex technical prototypes. We provide an internal workshop capacity with a floor span of 1000 m2, with selected external partners. We offer a high number of types of methods to manipulate material and goods and know the process steps required for your prototype to be finished – even within our company`s site in Elchingen. Each project has individual requirements from materials, manufacturing procedures to quality requirements. One thing is always needed – experience in making ideas come true and create top products. That is what we have!

Design- & user testing models, human factor / ergonomic models
Small series
Prototypes, function models & testing

Design- & user testing models, human factor / ergonomic models

Based on models, we can verify the latest state of the product features and product progress even in the early phases of the product development cycle. Our internal departments of industrial design, interface design and engineering interact and advise accordingly for the best outcome during product development.

Small series

For complex products in small batches, we offer small series production runs including final assembly and quality acceptance.

Prototypes, function models & testing

We generate prototypes and functional models in a variety of different complexity levels. We are capable of even producing highly complex prototypes in small series or manufacture single stand-alone showcase models. For this, we use different manufacturing technologies and hand-craft skills. We use the physical models to test a product`s function, single features or to proof a concept of one particular phase of progress of the future product to be able to move proactively – providing indispensable insights for the engineers and product developers!

We offer:

  • Robust Project Management
  • component manufacturing
  • Machining
  • welding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • painting
  • surface finishing
  • assembly
  • functional testing


  • Machining (conventional and CNC using our own CNC milling facility)
  • CAM: programming  and milling of freeform surfaces, including multi-sided processing
  • Sheet metal processing*, flow drilling and welding
  • Coating (including special coatings: EMC, Soft-Touch, Nextel, etc.)
  • Grinding, polishing, surface finishing
  • Cross-material assembly of components
  • Rapid prototyping: SLS, STL, DLP, CUSING, etc.*
  • Injection molding of up to 180 g in small-scale production, vacuum forming *
  • Precision aluminum and magnesium casting *
  • Casting resin lamination, components made of fiber-reinforced composites (GFRP, CFRP) *
  • CAD systems: Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Cimatron, Inventor
  • * Completed both in-house and in cooperation with our reliable partners

Our prototype-department:

"In spite of state-of-the-art CAD modelling technology nothing beats a real-life three-dimensional understanding of a product in the form of a physical prototype. We offer a variety of options for prototyping, using a manufacturing and coating area of 1,000 m² – from the CNC machine to the dedicated paint shop. This way, with our physical models we can quickly determine proportions, form, ergonomics / human factors and a product`s feasibility . Based on models we are able to essentially question a product`s value and contribute to improve product quality. Our experts can help you prepare your user testing with the supply of real-life physical, tangible user models. Our industrial designers, design engineers and developers are always aware of the individual requirements your project team may face - for small series and/ or mass production, design for assembly, design for manufacturing and manufacturing technologies. If needed, we include our material and prototyping consultancy in your design proposal. Dedicated manufacturing projects can help you generate the needed acceptance. It can help you test material flow and keep an eye on quality management."

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