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With today’s ever increasingly complex requirements, you need to be one step ahead of the competition. For this, you need clever concepts to be able to reach your project’s targets. We at BUSSE develop these product concepts for you– no matter if it’s for a value engineering project, a product successor, an industrial design facelift, an adjusted OEM version, a brand re-launch, a segment expansion or a technology innovation.

Our project manager:

"Successful product development is only possible by clear target definition and strict project management. Only this will ensure that you are keeping your target in mind in spite of highly complex project requirements and tasks. We face the responsibility given to us. We are your partner and networker in all content and organisational matters. We help you choose a favourite product concept, design your product and interface,

support engineering from small series to mass production. Together with you, we will analyse the specific requirements and their influences on each other at project starts. We are able to identify product concept approaches for your success. During the different product development phase, we document the development results in detail and coordinate the influences and risks of insights consistently."

The results and decisions made in the product concept phase influence up to 70 % of the later development and production costs. The different approaches must be carefully chosen weighed against each other to increase the chances for a success.

According to a study from the Standish Group on IT and development projects (Chaos Reports 1994, 2001 and 2004), only about 16 - 29 % of these projects were successfully completed while between 20 - 30 % failed and had to be discontinued.

 The main causes for failure were
- not enough defined and detailed development targets
- no clear priorities for weighting in competing requirements
- many or inconsistent changes in the course of the project.

Adding up the two divides of successful and failed projects, about 50 % of all projects were completed with deviations. This means the products were introduced into the market with little potential for success in spite of having high investment in development and implementation.

These requirements, technical and aesthetical will be collected and defined– together with your experts and your specialist know-how of your company and departments with responsibility of product management, quality management, customer service, production, purchasing and technical sales and services.

Only a development partner who actually understands your company and your products will be able to understand the truly essential product aspects. We support you with our critical external view and develop thought-through product concepts and deliver great results.

We perform concept studies to combine the requirements in the first product vision – and develop a specific product concept for you. This will help to structure possible outcomes with you to be able to discuss alternative concepts in detail. On this basis, you can reliably plan further development milestones.

Safe technology
Economic manufacturing
Self-explantory ergonomics and usability
Target-group tailored and brand-shaping aesthetics

Take the decisive step into a successful future with the courage to pursue new product visions!

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